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Spectrum for 5G Forum


Aetha Consulting is delighted to be a Knowledge Partner at the Spectrum for 5G Forum which will take place on 1 December 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

Spectrum for 5G is a one-day interactive Forum that will bring together stakeholders and speakers from both the policy and industry communities in Europe, but crucially also speakers from both the US and Asia to discuss the spectrum requirements for 5G.

This forum will look at the drivers behind the spectrum requirements for 5G and at the different frequency ranges that will be required to meet the requirements of various 5G technologies. It will discuss licensing aspects and potential technology enhancements to enable access to new spectrum, and more generally look at what needs to be done in Europe to ensure a spectrum strategy that pushes the region to the forefront of developments in this key area.

As a Knowledge Partner, Aetha Consulting will be strongly involved in the conference. Amit Nagpal will chair a session on the challenges of finding additional sub-6GHz spectrum for 5G.

Key speakers at the conference include:

  • Andreas Geiss, Head of unit for Spectrum Policy, European Commission
  • Philip Marnick, Chair, RSPG
  • Philippe Lefevbre, Head of Sector, 5G, DG CNECT, Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission
  • Eric Fournier, Chairman, ECC, CEPT
  • Alexander Kühn, Chair, CPG towards WRC-19, CEPT

If you are interested in speaking to our experts on the latest spectrum management issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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