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Graham Johnson

During his 20 years of telecommunications consulting, Graham has undertaken sector strategy studies, market reviews, consultation support, Expert Valuer reports and service costing models.

Graham's other work for governments, regulators, operators and investors worldwide has included regulatory benchmarks, telecommunications policy formation, licence bids, the development of strategic plans, technical advisory work, and regulatory audits. Graham has extensive experience of carrying out the technical evaluations required as part of client projects, visiting sites and interviewing operational management. His most recent projects have been for mobile clients, covering a wide range of topics from regulatory strategy to MVNO setup.

Graham joined the management team of Aetha in 2011 from Analysys Mason (a specialist telecoms strategy consultancy) where he had been head of its office in Madrid (Spain) for 12 years. His experience prior to that includes working for PA Consulting Group and British Telecom.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Graham's experience include:

  • Advice to a market-leading mobile operator on various regulatory topics related to infrastructure sharing, MVNOs and interconnection
  • Bottom-up mobile cost model following the methodology set out in the (then) recently adopted EC Recommendation ('pure' LRIC)
  • Support to a European regulator to run public consultations on the broadband and mobile markets
  • Produced operator's response to consultations by the regulator on the subject of next-generation access networks
  • Forecast of the impact on market share of expected changes in the regimes for interconnection, number portability and the approvals regime for on-net tariffs
  • Numerous projects to audit the costing systems of telecoms operators, including models to detect price-squeeze
  • Top-down costing system for calculating service costs of a mobile operator plus ensuing update cycles. Subsequently hired by another opco in the same group to carry out a similar major project
  • Detailed benchmarking and comparative regulation study on best practices in the setting and monitoring of mobile termination rates and on-net tariff discounts
  • Assessment of regulatory proceedings related to the mobile market relating to retail-price control as well as development of a replicability test for mobile tariff bundles

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