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Graham Louth

During his 25 years in the telecoms industry, Graham has been at the forefront of regulatory thinking on issues such as network cost modelling and spectrum management.

Graham has extensive experience in all aspects of spectrum policy, management and regulation as well as having worked in areas such as regulatory accounting, incremental cost modelling (fixed and mobile), retail and wholesale price control, margin squeeze, universal service provision and tariff analysis.

Graham Louth joined Aetha in 2014 from Ofcom, where he was Director of Spectrum Policy, Mobile and Auctions. Prior to joining Ofcom in 2003, Graham worked at Analysys Mason (then Analysys Consulting).

Graham joined Ofcom, the UK's converged communications regulator as Director of Spectrum Markets, tasked with making the changes necessary to allow spectrum users to decide how to make best use of this invaluable national resource, rather than being directed by the regulator. More recently, as Director of Spectrum Policy, Mobile and Auctions, he has been responsible for ensuring that existing and prospective mobile network operators are able to make the best possible use of existing spectrum, and have access to critical bands of new spectrum such as the 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands, so as to be able to deliver the best possible mobile services to UK consumers and citizens at competitive prices.

At Analysys Consulting, Graham was in charge of the Pricing, Costing and Regulation practice. During that time he was instrumental in the development of numerous telecoms network cost models, for both regulatory and commercial purposes, for clients around the world.

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