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Marc Eschenburg

Currently a sought-after expert on spectrum issues, Marc has also worked on next generation broadband, business planning, as well as television and media-related projects.

Marc has worked in the telecoms industry since 2008 advising fixed and mobile operators as well as regulators. He has spent the past few years supporting operators worldwide in developing their spectrum strategy and assisting them to value spectrum ahead of auctions. Marc's other experience includes detailed geographically-based cost models of next generation networks, work on public sector interventions in broadband networks (and economic benefits thereof), as well as various assessments of economic issues within the television and media market.

Prior to participating in the founding of Aetha, Marc was a Lead Consultant at Analysys Mason (a specialist telecoms strategy consultancy), where he worked mainly in the spectrum and regulatory practices.

Marc has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Infonomics, both from Universiteit Maastricht.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Marc's experience include:

  • Spectrum valuation and auction preparation support for a Western European operator
  • Valuation and auction strategy support in relation to the successful acquisition of 2.6GHz spectrum
  • Spectrum valuation and award process strategy for a mobile operator in Southern Europe
  • Development of spectrum strategy for a mobile operator in Eastern Europe
  • Study on mechanisms to avoid the winner's curse in broadcast radio spectrum awards
  • Cost model for Opta in the Netherlands to assess the business case for fibre unbundling
  • Study on the cost of delivering video services over broadband networks for Ofcom in the UK
  • Development of a state aid application and analysis of socio-economic benefits of next generation broadband
  • Support to regulators in South-East Asia and Europe regarding their Pay-TV consultations
  • Study on the demand elasticity of TV advertising

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