We support operators and regulators in managing, buying or selling a key telecoms resource.

We support operators to understand their spectrum needs, value spectrum and bid in auctions. Our consultants have supported bidders in over 60 spectrum awards worldwide.

We also assist regulators in developing spectrum policy, awarding spectrum and setting spectrum fees. Our consultants have conducted several high-profile spectrum-related studies for regulators such as the European Commission, Ofcom (UK) and the IDA (Singapore).

Overview of Spectrum projects

  • India: Multi-band spectrum valuation model in preparation for 2015 auction process
  • Africa: Report on appropriate (best practice) spectrum auction formats in emerging markets
  • UK: Support to the BBC and Channel 4 to respond to a consultation regarding Administrative Incentive Pricing
  • Colombia: Spectrum valuation and auction support for Telefónica for the AWS and 2.5GHz auction
  • UAE: Support to the TRA to set the price of annual cellular licence fees
  • Morocco: Study on future spectrum demand for mobile and broadcasting services
  • Bulgaria: Multi-band spectrum valuation model to inform operator's future spectrum strategy
  • UK: Supported Ofcom to set the reserve price for the 800MHz and 2.6GHz auction
  • Australia: Valuation and auction support for Telstra during the 700MHz and 2.5GHz auction
  • Belgium: Support to BIPT in the award design and reserve price setting ahead of the 800MHz auction

Our services

  • Spectrum policy
  • Spectrum strategy
  • Consultation support
  • Spectrum pricing
  • Spectrum valuation
  • Award design
  • Auction support