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Kiril Minchev

Since joining Aetha in 2015, Kiril has worked on a wide range of strategic projects for telecoms operators around world. These projects have spanned across various topics, including spectrum auction strategy, quantitative modelling, valuation of spectrum portfolios, benchmarking and consultation support.

Notably, Kiril has extensive expertise in auction strategy. He has supported operators to prepare and bid in a number of high-profile spectrum auctions, helping to identify and refine the most appropriate bidding strategy, develop bid tracking and other software tools, running mock auctions, and providing on-site support to clients.

Prior to joining Aetha, Kiril completed a BSc degree in Economics from the University of Warwick.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Kiril's experience include:

  • Bid strategy support ahead of major spectrum auctions, including the development of bid tracking tools and auction simulation models (including Germany, Australia, Spain and Saudi Arabia)
  • Spectrum valuation (including Australia, Sweden, Norway, Taiwan and Bulgaria)
  • Long-Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) modelling (both top-down and bottom-up) to support the South African regulator in determining suitable mobile and fixed line call termination rates
  • Audit, review and update of business plan model for a mobile operator in the Bahamas
  • Assessment of the competition impacts of zero-rating in broadband markets in a project for the European Commission
  • Bid strategy support ahead of an offshore windfarm tender process
  • Expert witness report for a USD600m legal dispute regarding wholesale services: national roaming, site sharing, transmission links, international interconnection