Our team

Marc Eschenburg

Marc is an expert on spectrum management issues and has also worked on complex market transactions, detailed economic assessments and studies for the audio-visual sector.

Marc has worked in the telecoms industry for over 10 years advising fixed and mobile operators as well as regulators. He has spent the past few years supporting operators worldwide in developing their spectrum strategy and assisting them to value spectrum ahead of auctions. Marc's other experience includes the development of valuations ahead of potential market transactions, providing economic expert advice on a range of telecoms issues and carrying out various studies within the television and media market.

Marc has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Infonomics, both from Universiteit Maastricht.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Marc's experience include:

  • Spectrum valuation and auction preparation for mobile operators and regulators ahead of more than 30 award processes globally
  • Comprehensive report on current mobile spectrum allocations and demand for mobile spectrum in the USA, as well as forecasting of expected future trends
  • Detailed analysis of the value of potential future 4G/5G network sharing options ahead of discussions with existing network partner Development of spectrum strategy for a mobile operator in Eastern Europe
  • Valuation of potential merger targets for mobile operator in India, including consideration of the value of the target’s tower base and potential synergies
  • SoTP valuation of a multi-national telecoms operator that included a valuation of business units across Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Expert advice on potential impact of proposed roaming agreement on a mobile market competition and technical differences between roaming and network sharing
  • Expert advice to a mobile network operator explaining why acquisition of additional spectrum by the leading mobile network operator would be likely to lead to a significant lessening of competition in downstream mobile markets
  • Development of ‘defragmentation dividend’ white paper – outlining options for potential long-term band plans for UHF spectrum from 694-960MHz
  • Development of a report to investigate the merits of AIP for broadcasting spectrum
  • Study on demand elasticity in the TV advertising market
  • Support throughout the public consultation process for an MTR model (including price benchmarking and policy papers)