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Andrew Wright
Andrew WrightManaging Partner
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With over 20 years of telecoms and consulting experience, Andrew works on projects of major strategic importance, focusing principally on the strategic and regulatory issues faced by mobile operators. Formerly the Managing Director of Analysys Consulting, Andrew brings a wealth of management experience to Aetha’s senior team.

Andrew’s work for operators, regulators and financial institutions has included spectrum valuation, spectrum auction support, network sharing, transaction support, expert witness testimony and valuations for international arbitration. In addition, Andrew has undertaken advisory work on telecoms regulation, including topics such as spectrum licensing and interconnection. Andrew has advised regulators worldwide on key spectrum policy issues, including digital switchover, digital dividend and the updating of licensing regimes to allow for liberalised spectrum use, as well as the introduction of market mechanisms such as auctions and spectrum trading.

Andrew has a B.A. Honours Degree in Natural Sciences (Physics) from the University of Cambridge and an M.B.A. from Imperial College, London.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Andrew’s experience include:

  • Valuation of Sprint’s 2.5GHz and PCS spectrum assets in support of a novel debt transaction in which the company used this spectrum as collateral to raise USD3.5 billion of debt funding, in addition to a further USD4 billion of funding raised in a subsequent transaction
  • Support to mobile operators in preparation for multiple auctions of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G spectrum worldwide – including consultation support, valuation, bid strategy development and round-by-round auction support
  • Commercial and technical due diligence for a tower transaction in the Middle East, including the preparation of a comprehensive geographical model to develop realistic scenarios for the lease-up potential of sites in light of spectrum availability and 5G demand
  • Numerous projects on the development of cost models for interconnection based predominantly on LRIC methodology
  • Assessment of multiple network sharing scenarios as part of a ‘clean team’, working jointly on behalf of two operators to develop a business case for network sharing without directly sharing confidential data
  • Advice and planning for digital switchover and the release of digital dividend spectrum in the United Arab Emirates, on behalf of the TRA
  • Acting as an expert witness for the claimant in an international arbitration case, including the development of a valuation model for damages. The damages model was accepted as the basis of an award by the tribunal of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes
  • Development of a spectrum policy strategy as part of a Middle Eastern mobile operator’s response to a wide-ranging consultation
  • Numerous due diligence and valuation projects in support of financial transactions up to several billion dollars in value, including support on both the buy and sell side

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