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The majority of new starters join Aetha as a Business Analyst, either moving from other jobs or straight from university.

Given the varied nature of the role, it is difficult to describe a typical day; however, it may involve the development of a financial model in Excel (for example, a spectrum valuation or service cost model), the preparation of a report on a key industry topic, or the preparation of a presentation on the results of your work. You will have the opportunity for extensive international travel, during which you may be required to present your work to clients.

Whilst we operate in a technical sector, the nature of our work is predominantly commercial. We do not expect prior knowledge of telecoms; however, an interest in technology is essential. We would expect you to develop your telecoms knowledge throughout your time at Aetha.

All employees are encouraged to get involved with internal tasks from the start of their career at Aetha, allowing you to make a real difference to how the company develops. This may include, for example, assisting the Partners with marketing and recruitment, developing our website and intranet, or improving our in-house templates and tools. We are looking for people who are proactive and keen to get involved in all aspects of the business.

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