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Graham provides expert testimony in domestic and international arbitrations, as well as performing asset valuations and undertaking wholesale product pricing and design. He also applies his 20+ years of telecoms experience to perform due diligence on mobile and fixed operators, in addition to completing regulatory costing assignments.

Graham’s other work for governments, regulators, operators and investors worldwide has included regulatory benchmarks, telecoms policy formation, licence bids, the development of strategic plans, technical advisory work, and regulatory audits. Graham has extensive experience of carrying out the technical evaluations required as part of client projects, visiting sites and interviewing operational management. His most recent projects have been for mobile clients, covering a wide range of topics from regulatory strategy to wholesale strategy and beyond.

Graham has a B.A. in Electrical and Information Sciences and an M.Phil in Management, both from the University of Cambridge.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Graham’s experience include:

  • Expert witness report for an arbitration between operators regarding interconnection
  • Expert witness report for an arbitration regarding wholesale services (roaming, co-location, capacity, international)
  • Expert witness report for the part of an international investment dispute that related to network cost modelling
  • Costing of multiple IRUs (indefeasible rights of use) as part of an inter-operator financial transaction
  • Refresh of wholesale product definitions and prices, including the recalculation of cost-based prices and the pricing of new wholesale products (access, interconnection, sites, IP transit, capacity)
  • Study of ‘disruptive’ fibre to the home (FTTH) deployments in selected countries, exploring both technology and business aspects of the deployments
  • Commercial due diligence (various projects: international gateway, MVNO operators, full fibre broadband reseller)
  • Technical due diligence on behalf of a private investor considering acquiring a controlling stake in a fixed and mobile operator
  • Production of top-down and bottom-up models to determine suitable regulated wholesale rates
  • Leased lines cost model and price benchmarking for high speed Ethernet backhaul links
  • Review of regulator’s ‘pure’ LRIC cost model for termination rates, including attending meetings with the regulator and its consultants, as well as providing material for the consultation document response

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